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The Ultimate range of AL-Bronze Non Sparking impact sockets and hand tools are designed for safety mainly in hazardous environment where flammable liquids and gas are present such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, power station, rail and mining.

UTD135-6 6MM 105MM
UTD135-7 7MM 105MM
UTD135-8 8MM 120MM
UTD135-9 9MM 120MM
UTD135-10 10MM 135MM
UTD135-11 11MM 135MM
UTD135-12 12MM 150MM
UTD135-13 13MM 150MM
UTD135-14 14MM 175MM
UTD135-15 15MM 175MM
UTD135-16 16MM 195MM
UTD135-17 17MM 195MM
UTD135-18 18MM 215MM
UTD135-19 19MM 215MM
UTD135-20 20MM 230MM
UTD135-21 21MM 230MM
UTD135-22 22MM 245MM
UTD135-23 23MM 245MM
UTD135-24 24MM 265MM
UTD135-25 25MM 265MM
UTD135-26 26MM 290MM
UTD135-27 27MM 290MM
UTD135-30 30MM 320MM
UTD135-32 32MM 340MM
UTD135-34 34MM 360MM
UTD135-35 35MM 360MM
UTD135-36 36MM 360MM
UTD135-38 38MM 430MM
UTD135-41 41MM 430MM
UTD135-46 46MM 480MM
UTD135-50 50MM 520MM
UTD135-55 55MM 560MM
UTD135-60 60MM 595MM
UTD135-65 65MM 595MM
UTD135-70 70MM 630MM
UTD135A-1002 1/4″ 105MM
UTD135A-1004 5/16″ 120MM
UTD135A-1006 3/8″ 135MM
UTD135A-1008 7/16″ 135MM
UTD135A-1010 1/2″ 150MM
UTD135A-1012 9/16″ 175MM
UTD135A-1014 19/32″ 175MM
UTD135A1016- 5/8″ 195MM
UTD135A-1018 11/16″ 195MM
UTD135A-1020 3/4″ 215MM
UTD135A-1022 13/16″ 230MM
UTD135A-1024 7/8″ 245MM
UTD135A-1026 15/16″ 265MM
UTD135A-1028 1″ 265MM
UTD135A-1030 1-1/16″ 290MM
UTD135A-1032 1-1/8″ 320MM
UTD135A-1034 1-3/16″ 320MM
UTD135A-1036 1-1/4″ 340MM
UTD135A-1038 1-5/16″ 360MM
UTD135A-1040 1-3/8″ 360MM

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