1-1/2″ Impact Sockets Metric

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Product #: 
Manufacturer: Ultimate
Part No
1-1/2″ Sq Dr “METRIC
60560036 1-1/2D 36MM SKT
60560038 1-1/2D 38MM SKT
60560041 1-1/2D 41MM SKT
60560042 1-1/2D 42MM SKT
60560046 1-1/2D 46MM SKT
60560050 1-1/2D 50MM SKT
60560054 1-1/2D 54MM SKT
60560055 1-1/2D 55MM SKT
60560060 1-1/2D 60MM SKT
60560063 1-1/2D 63MM SKT
60560065 1-1/2D 65MM SKT
60560070 1-1/2D 70MM SKT
60560075 1-1/2D 75MM SKT
60560077 1-1/2D 77MM SKT
60560080 1-1/2D 80MM SKT
60560085 1-1/2D 85MM SKT
60560090 1-1/2D 90MM SKT
60560095 1-1/2D 95MM SKT
60560100 1-1/2D 100MM SKT
60560105 1-1/2D 105MM SKT
60560110 1-1/2D 110MM SKT
60560115 1-1/2D 115MM SKT
60560120 1-1/2D 120MM SKT
60562041 1-1/2D 41MM SKT, LONG
60562042 1-1/2D 42MM SKT, LONG
60562046 1-1/2D 46MM SKT, LONG
60562050 1-1/2D 50MM SKT, LONG
60562054 1-1/2D 54MM SKT, LONG
60562055 1-1/2D 55MM SKT, LONG
60562060 1-1/2D 60MM SKT, LONG
60562063 1-1/2D 63MM SKT, LONG
60562065 1-1/2D 65MM SKT, LONG
60562070 1-1/2D 70MM SKT, LONG
60562075 1-1/2D 75MM SKT, LONG
60562077 1-1/2D 77MM SKT, LONG
60562080 1-1/2D 80MM SKT, LONG
60562085 1-1/2D 85MM SKT, LONG

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