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Product #: 512130010
Manufacturer: Spitznas

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Our pneumatic saw is designed for a service pressure of 4 to 6 bar. The pneumatic reciprocating saw is only used in conjunction with a clamping device. For this purpose the ground- in receiving bolt of the clamping device is placed in the cross hole in gear casing cover and fixed by means of the locking device. Firmly clamped work-piece will yield a clean cut and will reduce saw blade damage. The selection of the clamping device and of the saw blade depends on the type and size of the work-piece. The saw blade must be cooled and/ or lubricated with lubricant or oil.

Features: This air saw is the perfect for refineries, chemical plants, pipelines underground mining and heavy industry.Pipes up to 24″ diameter can be cut in a single pass. Optional clamps for precise cut available.

Suitable for underground Mining

  • Strockes Per Min…330
  • Lenghth of stroke…2-3/8
  • Capacity…24″
  • Air Inlet…1/2
  • Length…650mm
  • Weight…10.6kg
  • Air Pressure…90 psi



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