Portable Air Line Lubricators

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Portable Air Line Lubricators

Features: Designed to supply oil to air tools where it is not practical to use stationary lubricators.
Can be installed up to 25ft away. Features adjustable oil flow, visible oil supply and rugged casting
for use in severe conditions.

Model No. Oil Capacity Pipe Size Rec’d Flow Max. PSI Length Height Weight

0-R 1.4oz. ½” 30cfm 500 110mm 55mm 400g

1-R 3.7oz. 3/4” 70cfm 260 152mm 60mm 680g

2-R 11.0oz. 3/4” 70cfm 300 177mm 87mm 907g

2A-R 11.0oz. 1” 70cfm 300 177mm 87mm 907g

3-R 16.0oz. 1” 150cfm 250 254mm 92mm 1kg

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